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Want to help out? Have experience in radio protocols, MatLab, Simulink, Octave, Pothosware, embedded C &/or functional coding?


OpenWEIGHTLESS projects and or R&D efforts need threse key skills plus a whole lot more like translators, mathematicians (perhaps you even know Julia! or Fortran)

To build the OpenWEIGHTLESS protocol stack we are looking towards the day when we can apply formal verification (Isabelle/HOL or Coq) to absolutely verify the integity of the C code we generate from strongly typed declarative languages (like Ocaml ...) supporting our goal for taking advantage of functional style programming with C code composition to achive a step change in code quality.


We see being able to mathematically prove functions then automatically compose verified code from our system models (developed under the same model based system engineering methodologies used by modern aerospace & automotive industries) as the way forward from the more common approach of hand coding / testing embedded systems.

Our aim for OpenWEIGHTLESS is to introduce new working practice alongside traditional approaches, looking for tradeoffs between added downstrean effort and upstream gains like reduced re-work, code re-use, reduced bug and vulnerability levels and easier ability to certify to standards and coply with emerging legislation.

So, if you are up for a challenge and one of the few with good experience and skills in these new fields, whether as a University Professor/student or working in industry or simply individual looking to make a difference, please get in touch.


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